Fisher-Chick Santa Cruz In-line Spinner

Fisher-Chick Santa Cruz In-line Spinner
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Product Description


In-line spinner. 2 sizes, Brass and Nickel Plated with red Fisher-Chick logo. Size 2 weighs ~1/15 oz. with size 10 hook and size 3 weighs ~1/9 oz. with size 8 hook. All spinners are individually hand tied and made in New Mexico (USA). Comments from buyers are that most of the fish caught with Fisher-Chick Spinners, the spinner needs to be removed from inside the mouth, as the trout attempts to swallow the entire lure. The sharpest hook in the box. Fisher-Chick brand, New Mexico's number one(1), best made fishing lures/spinners. Fisher-Chick tested and approved. (Made in America)