Fisher-Chick Barbless Single Hook In-line Spinner

Fisher-Chick Barbless Single Hook In-line Spinner
Item# fisherchick-barbless-single-hook-inline-spinner
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Barbless single hook in-line spinner. These barbless spinners were requested and made for those who want to use qualified single barbless hook lures in regulated, quality and special fishing waters. They are great for catch and release, easy to unhook and release, mostly ouchless and best of all great fishing lures that produce fish. 2 sizes, Brass and Nickel Plated with red Fisher-Chick logo. Size 2 weighs ~ 1/15 oz. with size 10 single barbless hook and size 3 weighs ~1/9 oz. with size 8 single barbless hook. Fisher-Chick tested and approved. All spinners are individually hand tied and made in New Mexico (USA). Fisher-Chick brand, New Mexico's number one (1), best made fishing lures/spinners. (Made in America)