Fisher-Chick Bottle Cap In-line Spinner

Fisher-Chick Bottle Cap In-line Spinner
Item# fisherchick-bottle-cap-inline-spinner

Product Description


Fisher-Chick Bottle Cap In-line Spinners are the original bottle cap lures made from used discarded bottle caps and a number 3 brass Fisher-Chick blade, total weight ~1/5 oz. The spinners are designed to really catch fish. The Fisher-Chick blade is the main lure attractor and the bottle cap swims behind making a swishing sound which seems to attract the fish. The lure makes a nice and unique novelty gift as well. The bottle cap lure that produces more fish, best seller and local favorite is the BC3 spinner. It has produced and caught just about all types of freshwater fish. By popular demand it is now available in barbless (BC3BL) It is Fisher-Chick tested and approved. If your flavorite is not pictured, we can customize one for you. Mail your bottle cap with contact information or send an e-mail as we have many others which are not displayed. You will be contacted when Fisher-Chick LLC, receives your package. There will be a set-up fee of $1.00 extra. Select "Custom" on Flavorite drop down menu and it will be added automatically. All spinners are individually hand tied and made in New Mexico (USA). Fisher-Chick brand, New Mexico's number one (1), best made fishing lures/spinners. (If bottle cap pictured is not current, then newer version will be used.) (Made in America) (Air dry after use, prior to placing lure/spinner back into plastic container.)

Fisher-Chick LLC, does not advertise and we do not promote any beverage company. Fisher-Chick LLC, only uses used discarded bottle caps.